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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Another trip to Gamestop (to buy Deadly Premonition), another failed mission.

This time, they had only got two copies in, and both were sold. However, one of them had been sold to the girl behind the desk, and she hated it (she'd be a good woman for JLB1987).

So she said call back on Monday and there would likely be a copy for sale. I might just buy the digital copy.
Ha, great minds and all that. Are you looking for the new PS3 version or the original? This Directors Cut sounds interesting- although, the only way I'd like to see it improved is an almost complete removal of the action segments. Just keep them in there very occasionally, and out of the abstract "dream world" style setting, and there would be a game I would enjoy. I'm fully aware people will accuse me of "missing the point", but it would make the game go from awful to playable for me, at least. I could deal with still having awful vehicle controls in there.

Is there splitscreen in War of the North?
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