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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
I don't know. It kind of feels like this thread is for quitters. I'd really rather use the "post here when you beat a game" thread, except that I never seem to actually finish games. Posting here instead is like admitting defeat
With all due respect, why don't you just stick to the finished games thread? If this thread didn't exist, and my only outlet for current games-based discussion was the other one, it wouldn't make me any more inclined to complete more games. I just wouldn't be to make cutting edge observations on games I could no longer be bothered with. Then there are games one may be replaying, and as Rob suggests, games that you don't really complete. For example, I'm currently playing COD Zombies with my partner, and that's certainly not one you can "complete".

I'm don't begrudge you for your opinion, I just find it had to understand- especially when you offer yourself a perfectly good solution. This is a great forum, and not actually having to finish I game I don't like to comment on here is a godsend, coming from someone with limited gaming time due to having a family.

A happy medium- rename this the "Games I'm too rubbish to complete" thread? ;-)

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