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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Question- did you like Arkham Asylum? I loved Arkham Asylum but City just doesn't click with me at all. Wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction? Or should I take more time with it?
I loved Asylum, and it did a great job of showing Batman's "World's greatest detective" side, more so than City. I loved it's slow, methodical pace. But I do prefer the variety, excitement and great all-round feeling of being Batman.

It definitely took some getting used to, after having played Asylum just days before originally starting City. I didn't know where to go, and I ignored most of the side missions. It definitely took longer to gain my approval, but I love it more now. Doubly so since playing new game + lets me have the "Year One" Batman Skin (clearly the best costume).

Still playing it. The amount of content in the GOTY is insane. I often spend evenings not touching the campaign, and just play through the challenge maps.

Don't Shit Your Pants on Newgrounds. Relatively amusing web game which challenges the player to not let their avatar shit himself. It's an old school text adventure style game, except it's forty seconds long and the game ends with either the little man making it to the toilet and defecating in it, or soiling himself. Or dying. Has anyone written a review for this yet?
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