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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
So none of us are playing any games? We're all fed up?
To a certain extend I am. I took a critical look at all that I played the last years and there are only few games that really wowed me (Demon's & Dark Souls, Spec Ops: the Line, Mount & Blade: Warband, Vanquish, GT5 and, potentially, Bioshock Infinite). Everything else is a bit of a blur. And since Spec Ops I simply can't get back playing a regular modern military shooter anymore. Given the choice I actually prefer playing a boardgame over a video game these days (except for Dark Souls, obviously, which wins by default). I have a huge backlog and no motivation to play any of it. Currently I play about 2 hours a week, which means if I start anything that would take roughly 60 hours to complete that would take me more than half a year.

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