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Re: What are you playing right now?

I hadn't been looking forward to Bioshock Infinite in any way, and am still mostly on the fence about it, but based on the largely positive feedback, and that there seems to be some stuff worth discussing in it, I decided to take the plunge.

Trekked up to my local Gamestop yesterday and saw that it was a 'premium' game which costs 10% more than normal, so was 55 euros (72 bucks).

Took it up to the counter and was told that unfortunately they were out of stock, but I could buy a used copy. How much? A fiver less, or 50 euros.

I have nothing against used games, and I would like to see retail game shops survive, but still, I'd rather my 50 quid went to the developer here. I also wouldn't put it past the retailer to hold back new copies and try and sell the used, though it's hard to believe they were outright lying here. Still, the suspicion was there.

Didn't buy it. Back to Out of the Park Baseball for me!

Edit: Since taking over in 2013 I have turned the Padres into a perennial contender, while lowering ticket prices. One WS and two other playoff appearances in that time

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