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Re: the videogame crash of 2013?

In some ways I'm hoping that the video game industry is ready to follow it's own business dynamics, because I noticed (and I only speak for myself) that in the past decade the movie industry seems to have had a terrible effect on game production, and design... games trying to mimic the blockbuster formula of what works and doesnt. I think that's the wrong line for games to be in, chasing after a pseudo movie like experience.

I dont think it's much different than the effect Star Wars had on Sci-fi cinema-

you got alof of crap sci-fi films for the next 10 years, where production values came first, and everything that makes a film good came second-

only because Star Wars made people say 'That's the way to do it', 'that guy made millions', 'look at the visuals'.... while ignoring the obvious facts that Star Wars was lightning in a bottle, and impossible to recreate by simply copying it.

To be more precise: Watching films to figure out game design makes about as much sense as listening to music to figure out how to light a stage play. There's influences there, but not the artistry.

The art of games is controls, user interface, tone.... and visuals and sound are kinda secondary. Games can have lousy visuals and still be fun and involving.

Anyway- Im getting offtopic, but hopefully I made my point, enough with this chasing Hollywood bullshit.
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