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Re: What are you playing right now?

Even walking around and controlling my horse, I'm finding a chore.

Yesterday, I also tried out:

Vanquish - too overwhelming for me, shit flying at you from all over the screen. There may be an issue with recognising enemies as well as I am red/green colourblind.

Sleeping Dogs - god, if there is one word that puts me off a game (after "crafting"), it is "combos". The first tutorial has you fight 10 guys, and it tells you to press square twice quickly, then hold it once. And it doesn't even take down the fucking guy! You have to do that six times for each of them. And there are 10 guys! And that is probably the easiest combo in the game. Screw that.

I'm sure I am playing both wrong, Sleeping Dogs was surprisingly very polished and interesting up till that. I may go back to Vanquish some day and play it on easy.
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