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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Don't know if I already wrote so here (keeping track of the same discussion over multiple forums can get tough ), but: the reason I am interested in the PS4 is not so much the shiny new graphics or touchpad controller (because you have to put in something to touch and swipe by law it seems) or the share button or the RAM made from virgins blood.

What I find interesting is the integration of Gaikai and what they'll do with it. I'll jump aboard if one or two things happen:
a) Demon's Souls 2 gets announced as PS4 exclusive (please please please please please...)
b) PSN & Gaikai set the new industry standard for online services

If I could have some not too crazy expensive subscription and immediately play any ps1/ps2/ps3-era game my heart desires via Gaikai, I'd gladly jump on board. Of course, it being Sony they'd find a way to mess up. Like they did with the Vita needing proprietary memory cards made from moon-rock, judging by their pricing structure.
Exclusives suck and are not worth a games servers being pulled from lack of use or money. Put it out on all systems and PC and set up a simple skill matching setup to make sure noobs do not get grifed by anyone with skill.
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