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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Next shocking revelation: Expensive sports cars perform better than (probably more) affordable family cars.

The PS4 will outperform the average PC for years to come while the average PC probably won't cost less.

It will be easy to come up with a PC that's close to its performance, but the same performance in all important matters (incl. power consumption) for an unsubsidized DIY-PC? Hardly possible.

Subjectively equaling the graphics? Easy.
Even the difference to the PS3 seems not that huge. Except hopefully 1080p always.
Theoretical numbers of the AMD APU are a lot better what Cell and the bottleneck nvidia GPU could do.
+ unheart of 8GB GDDR5 in a unified memory pool setup
I wonder what they will squeeze out of that.
Still Last of Us or Beyond looked awesome, while pretty much all PS4 demos failed to really impress me so far.
Meh I have a 400$ PC(Phenom X4 AM3 socket, 8GB 2000MHZ DDR3) with an old 8800 superclock in it and it can easily match what the PS4 can do for the most part, Tho I do need to get a new video card.

I have a ton more options in trems of modding games and using trainers to rebalance bad and wonky games with so meh. Console are overrated, closed and going the way of the dinosaur....

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I just noticed the rating of this thread is 2 stars. Our discussion seems to be pretty bad
I just gave her a bump. ^_~
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