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Re: What are you playing right now?

Ridge Racer: Unbounded
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

They: both suck.
For: different reasons.

Both under 9$ on Amazon downloads right now.

Unbounded should be called Ridge Racer: Unintuitive.
rather than having the drift be a function of letting off the gas and turning, there's a drift 'axis' that the car rotates on when you hold down the B button, that spins faster the longer you keep the car in a turn. It's so unnatural it doesn't even feel like a racing game. In addition there are obstacles you are expected to ram into to gain points, but there's no clear hierarchy of what's breakable and what's not. You can drive through a row of gas pumps and blow them up, but a garage door will stop you like a ton of bricks. A breakable object will be highlighted while you're boosting, but your boost runs out before you hit it, and when you hit it you explode... It's bizarre, non-sensical, and just not fun.

Assault Horizon is more tolerable, if overly serious in it's cutscene presentation, which remind me of the Hurt Locker, if it was directed by David Cage. Gameplay is the usual Ace Combat standard, however there is now a 'lock-on' mode, which you're expected to use, where you go into a high speed bullet-time close chase cam view where you have to get your nose aligned with the targeting reticle to launch missliles, but doing so puts you at risk for rear missile locks... so it's a system you're expected to engage and unengage on the fly.. whip-pan close ups to whip pan pull outs, back and forth. It gets annoying really fast. And more grievous- your plane is not allowed to do full 360 rolls -- I keep trying to roll to come around and get a better track on an enemy and I can't. And I'm in advanced flight options! Grrrr. Clunky, over cinema-fied fried turd. Avoid.
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