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Re: Please Rate This Review: Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (PC)

Hey Mithono

Really solid review, and it looks like you put a lot of work into getting it right. I think it's publishable right now, but there are a couple of issues in that the forum doesn't really attract enough traffic for peer-reviews to achieve critical mass, and I don't think the site owners look into this topic much but hopefully you get some more feedback.

I have some very minor gripes -

The "Nintendo’s hands are firmly gripped upon" is a bit cumbersome.
It looks like you've done extensive polishing and rewrites; I think the piece may feel a wee bit sterile because of this, but that's my opinion only and not much can be done about it anyway!

I would have liked you to elaborate on

For some tracks this means following the usual three lap loop with individual parts significantly designed for each type of vehicle, but for others this allows the track to transform, paving the way for dynamic and creative design built through the qualities which each type of vehicle allows for
but the review stands up well as it is. Good job!
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