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Cool Re: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

The easiest way to recover fast is BEAT HANDS on SOMETHING it gets your speed up (not trying to do profanity either) get a pencil find counter and make some beats do this for about 2 days for an hour your tapping speed on buttons will be soooooooooo much easier like im dead serious but if your like me im double jointed in thumbs (all in hand) its just to easy if on xbox360 to recover tap Y button RAGE THE HELL OUT OF THAT ONE BUTTON and YOU DONT FUCKING NEED TO TAP ALL 4 SO WHOEVER CALLED SOMEONE A DUMBASS FOR THEM BEING RIGHT YOUR PRETTY SLOW YOUR GOT DAMN SELF but easiest way to lvl. Up in hero mode is World tournament best type to use is maybe light I used standard at first and got to omega next thing you know omega shoots needles threww his back and kills me so I rage quit restart with a light character in one day his ki blast one shot reaches up to at least 450 damage and that's one shot normal ki blast is about 280 damage but I got my ki like that BC I TRAINED AT WORLD TOURNAMENT ASK NO MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO LVL. FAST WORLD TOURNAMENT IS YOUR ANSWER
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