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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Just finished Dungeons GOTYE, its a cheap Dungeon lord RTS/action title.

ALl in all its not that bad, balancing is not so bad, skill set which is a cross between making units stronger, cheaper stuff to build and gaining new skills and leveling those skills up.

The down side is this game is trap focused, you can not move monsters and their spawn points called pentagrams expand where you can build things even pentagrams, I do hate the fact they tied area of influence and pentagrams together, it seems needlessly complicated since you can not move monsters around..

Anyway the game focuses on 4 things Gold to buy pentagrams,non deco gimmicks(traps,jails,treasure chests, hero armory and Magic library, ect), Prestige which you build up by making rooms and filling them with gimmicks which are dark magic/demon based decorations. This is the games selling point and this is why I liked the game without it its jsut another POS title from kalypso LOL

But heres the thing you need soul energy to make these decorations, raise your monster level,summon dungeon heart guardian and raise goblin worker cap. So you have to build your dungeon as so it fills hero needs to raise their soul energy level so you can farm them for soul energy points. Oh and you get less soul energy if monsters knock them out and none if a trap kills them.

So sometimes you have to tract them down and kill them(monster and you killing a hero result in them being taken to your jail). Heros spawn from Hero gates which are mostly open some are closed that you can open. Champions are nasty they are high powered hero's with no soul energy and only intrested in your dungeon heart, monsters in their visconisty, you and releasing prisoners.

As I said befor this is a trap focused game you make your gimmick rooms just clsoe enough to monster spawn points so monsters can take im out and goblins take them to jail.

Another thing I didn't care for besides the pentagrams being monster spawn points AND area of influence exspanders is half the time they make half the dungeon for you which can mess up the flow of your dungeon build (like treasure and Hero armory/Library rooms right next to your dungeon heart) thankfully you can tear stuff down.

Story is at times funny but mostly a stupid mess, I give it a 6 out of 5 just for the building non prefab rooms gimmick. LOL

Side note
Imprie is a mess the prefab rooms limited unit controls and crashes alot ;_;
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