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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Hey! I was going for the 'most consecutive posts' record there!
(to keep the moba-theme)

Continued with Revengeance and so far I love and hate it in equal measures.

Love: free cutting! I want this to be a minimum requirement for any next-gen game with swords or other cutting tools. I spent way too much time cutting cars, trees, boxes and the odd bridge into as many pieces as possible. Chaining light and heavy attacks to various combos, jumping over and sliding under enemies and being able to switch to blade mode any second to chop everything into tiny pieces is extremely satisfying. Great game design.

Hate: the trial-and-error-sections involving QTE and/or running from/towards/on top of/below crumbling/breaking/exploding buildings with no indication what part of the path gets one killed. I died more often at one specific bridge-running-sequence than in any other part of the game so far. I still don't know what I did "right" the time I finally managed. Awful game design.
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