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Re: it so hard.....

Originally Posted by ZippyDSMlee View Post
The trouble is at 30$ for the PS3 to do PS2 it was easily affordable(and if they went with a X86 setup it would have been 100-150 cheaper easily), with the PS4 you are looking at 400 no matter what you do making it anti consumer and limiting your install base is only a reasonable option if the console is 150 or cheaper since its made to be disposable after 3 or 5 years.....
The console(PS3) was already losing over $200 a unit for Sony. The added $30 was not easily affordable. Sony sells 5 million of those units, at an additional $150,000,000 in losses.

Sony and MS went with CPUs that were beyond the current offerings from Intel and AMD with their Dual-Core CPUs, back in 2005-2006. That isn't the case this time around, because the consoles alone weren't making profits. They had to make back the losses through software sales and services like PSN and LIVE.

Also let me bounce this idea off you, model 2 PS3, the only thing different in it than other newer PS3s is that its smaller, has USB 3 port, dose not have a power supply in it and can communicate with the PS4 so you can have one OSD setup. Its made to be stackable with the PS4 taking up less space than the fat PS3. Its fully stand alone so you can replace your SKU units out in the would with it, price is 250$.
There's a whole lot more difference between the 1st model PS3 and the 4th model we see today. The latest edition PS3 has replaced the expensive XDR Ram with DDR3, as well as a cheaper Blu-Ray drive, a Cell CPU that has reduced size and a cheaper power supply.

I still think having a new console with BWC no matter the price is the correct direction to go in, it just can do no harm. As you get an attach rate bonus for new games by older gamers who have a 200$ game collection.

ggaaa I am rabmleing ranting ><
The PS2 was the 1st home console to have BC out of the box. Nintendo and Sega didn't do it and MS only did it with their 360 (Xbox BC), through buggy software emulation.

I have a BC PS3 and I've rarely used its BC functions to play PS2 games. If I buy a PS4, I'm pretty sure it will be the same for me if it did include BC with the PS3.

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