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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Originally Posted by ZippyDSMlee View Post
If you can not understand the trifictea of CPU/RAMM/VIDEO then perhaps you need to get out of gaming altogether.... either grow up and understand the basics to protect yourself or bend over.

damn I am a blunt basaretd ><
I have no clue

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
I don't understand this argument. It's like not wanting to wash the dishes because it's going to 'take too long'.


All you need to do is find a PC with a big case, big memory and power supply- those things are dirt cheap.. and then look at your options for upscaling on the processor and graphics. It's not the 1980s anymore.. this stuff is easy to do.
I think you built one last year, correct? I looked into it before Xmas this year, and after studying everything carefully, the sense that I could make an expensive mistake overruled everything else (even the most straightforward guides had caveats about bottlenecks to the GPU, the perils of selecting the wrong power supply, and so on). Choosing a graphics card was a complete pain, given the variety of stuff available, and then cross-referencing to all your other components. (I wasn't gonna build it, just buy the components, but even that was beyond me).

I'm saying most people are not going to do it, no way. The possibility of spending 300 bucks on a GPU or whatever a motherboard costs and then finding it to be inadequate for your needs will drive people away.

Regarding Jim Sterling - that's all very well, but what were people expecting from the hardware? It's a bit disingenuous to be complaining about a lack of imagination with developers, when the whole industry is built around reinforcing a complete lack of originality and parroting press releases. Go on IGN and look at a review for a triple A game. All is as expected, 8s across the board. Now go and look at the review for a game that dares to do something different. Slated. Completely fucked over.

Developers can use the console as an excuse, but Sony merely provide the hardware. Ok, the unveiling was full of complete nonsense about it enabling people to make better games, but we can give them that, no? It was their big launch, they had to big it up.

I didn't know that they weren't gonna support PSN games. That is very poor. Sony have a decent product in PS+ (though as a member of 6 months the only game I've actually played is Limbo ) so maybe, just maybe they can build on the nous they displayed there and someone over there knows what they are doing.

I wouldn't worry too much about the stock - it'll rise on speculation and drop on hard news, every time. I don't think their institutional investors know too much about game consoles (although maybe they do).

Also, I suppose the Wii U has dropped out of the serious running now, so there are only 2 consoles (plus the Steam Box).
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