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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post



Ture but I will fight it tooth and nail until my consumer rights are fully protected.

If you can not understand the trifictea of CPU/RAMM/VIDEO then perhaps you need to get out of gaming altogether.... either grow up and understand the basics to protect yourself or bend over.

damn I am a blunt basaretd ><
Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Everything in moderation, including moderation, I always say-
Oro oro Did I offend? I didn't mean to, mostly saying if you do not fight digital distribution then not only will it take over but it will become a rental scheme where you have to rebuy things once a year or so. I'll welcome digital distribution fully when its treated like physical media and I own the end user license and may resell it how I see fit, its up the IP owners to make this transaction smooth if not they are stagnating the market and dragging their feet not me.

Anyway I do not think I was being direct and hare-full with my silly statement but if it felt like my gibberish was so then I apologize , I am generally more whack ass crazy than abrasive LOL
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