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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I could buy a cheap gaming PC, but I'd have to spec it myself. Who wants to do that?
I don't understand this argument. It's like not wanting to wash the dishes because it's going to 'take too long'.

Funny thing is, most online retailers in the US anyway, have been doing away with 'build your own' PC options. So your choices are actually very limited now as to what kindof gaming PC you can get. And the fundamental rule of thumb is that you always get shorted on the CPU and the GPU. Anything under 1200$ or therabouts and you're getting low end chips and graphics cards. Alienware specializes in gaming PCs and are notorious for using low end parts. The companies that specialize in gaming PCs charge you an arm and a leg for a system you could cobble together for half the price, with little computer know-how.

All you need to do is find a PC with a big case, big memory and power supply- those things are dirt cheap.. and then look at your options for upscaling on the processor and graphics. It's not the 1980s anymore.. this stuff is easy to do.


I think Sony's gonna stumble this year, that's my prediction. Releasing the ps4 while they've still got the Vita and the ps3 in the mix reminds me of Sega putting out the Dreamcast.

Too much hardware, not enough support.

And the investors know it.
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