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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
How did you deal with BP Selen, by the way?
A combination of ranged attacks to get health a bit down and then the Dragon Bone Smasher to finish.
Very doable since the whole retry process takes not long if something goes wrong.

Probably also used the item combination for decreased own health but more attack power.

On the weekend tried again the Gamecube Remake of the original RE since i liked the mansion mission in RE5. (My RE history starts with RE4.)
I liked the control-wise similar Eternal Darkness at its time, but whenever i try RE- this was not the first time- i can't stand it longer than some minutes.
Atmosphere is good - much much better than RE5 with its stupid Moonraker-like overkill and also better than in RE4 -, but after getting killed three times and being clueless how to successfully fight with neither the knife nor the pistol and finding just a bunch of closed doors i gave up pretty much immediately.
A real remake could be great, when they get rid of the clumsy controls and maintain the small number of enemies.
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