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Re: What are you playing right now?

Started Uncharted 3. And I might end it quite soon. I really enjoyed Uncharted 2 but with 3 I don't get along well. One problem is that I almost feel like a 'disturbance' within the otherwise wonderfully choreographed set-pieces that make up U3 and are held together with a (very) loose string which might be called "plot". Don't get me started on the staggering amount of areas where I'm forced to walk slowly because of forced, unskippable exposition. U2 just felt more like a whole and not like a loosely connected number of set-pieces. I also remember it funnier than it's successor. Another problem for me is that they changed how recoil works, which makes me feel like I'm much less in control of the shooting than I was in U2. Close combat also feels more like a series of QTE rather than... well, combat. I'm a bit disappointed. On the plus side it's apparently much shorter than U2, so I ponder if I should swallow the blue pill and try to push through.

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Good luck on the move.

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You should do the Platinums in both - it really adds another level of....not subtlety, but something.
I don't care enough about trophies or achievements that I'd have ever considered "to platinum" a game
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