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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
never stumbled across
I would have had no idea how a lot of stuff works without it since the game fails to give even small hints. Explains pretty much anything very good.

Iirc you better do the black tendency stuff first since white tendency is preferable on your later playthroughs due to its influence on difficulty.

going for Platinum...?
Have fun grinding for the pure Bladestone.
You better love the Black Skeleton fight in 4-2.
Sure, but my issue is that the Wiki says that I can kill the Black Phantoms via the coward's means of bow and arrow, but my character tendency in the game does not change when I do this, so I'm thinking they patched that out, or I'm doing something wrong. Internet searches are no help as all the keywords can easily refer to something else!

I have no issues with the World Tendency; I just picked up the Magic Sword Makoto which was my last White World event; now it is back to getting Black World so that I can fight the Phantoms....again.

It took me about a year to get the Pure Bladestone...and then that skeleton dropped two - one after the other! 4-2 is definitely my least favourite level now...

To get the Platinum I still need three upgraded weapons (eg marrowstone etc), seven spells (meaning 1.5 more playthroughs as they require common souls to give Freke and Yuria), and the Warrior's Ring (Doran), Foe's Ring (Mephistopheles) and Friend's Ring (The Monumental). The Friend's ring is taking a massive effort and I am no closer to it than I was last week...

How's that for a wall of impenetrable chat?
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