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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
I stand by my judgement that Dark is the better game. Demon's has a lot of game mechanisms that don't really work. Prime example the tendency system, which is completely screwed up the second you go online. But since the online component is such a great part of the game you essentially have to decide if you want to complete the game with everything it has to offer (by playing offline), or have fun with the online component and hope that one day they'll do a black or white tendency event, so that you can finally see all parts of the level.

Exploring the levels is also much more fun in Dark, thanks to the addition of jumping. In Demon's it was only possible to take certain shortcuts at certain parts of a level. In Dark you can circumvent e.g. large parts of the castle in Anor Londo with a well-timed jump. Also melee and magic are better balanced in Dark. More importantly: in Dark the character is much quicker on ladders and can slide down ladders. This gameplay change alone is already worth all the praise in the world once you go through the game a second or third time

Demon's has some wonderful levels and I think some of the level design is stronger than in Dark. Especially the Tower of Latria, which I consider one of the best levels in any video game ever made. Dark has some sections that are oddly "empty" at times and is less diverse in terms of levels. On the other hand: Dark has better boss fights, especially the ones from the DLC (Kalameet, Artorias, Manus) are amazing. A surprising number of bossfights in Demon's are a bit gimmicky.

Hence, overall I think Dark is the better game. The game mechanics are just a bit more polished overall and don't counteract each other like in some cases in Demon's.
That's a great rebuttal and is well argued. I am pretty much the opposite of you - for me it's all about the world-building and the level design. I'm playing through at the moment with the brightness turned up, and am seeing some of the things the level designers put in place that make me laugh; it's a wonderful piece of work.

I admit I am not a fan of boss fights, and it's a plus for me that Demon's allows you many different approaches in comparison to Dark (though I may be misremembering). I think the designers learned a lot - look at Ornstein & Smough compared to the similar but much more simplistic Maneater(s). The big thing for me is that I can 'cheese' some bosses if I feel like it - I am basically Poison Clouding my way through the harder bosses now. Compare that to Dark, where I am stuck on bloody Artorias in NG++.....but I accept that the bosses are better from a pure gameplay/challenge perspective in Dark.

You should do the Platinums in both - it really adds another level of....not subtlety, but something.
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