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Re: What are you playing right now?

Spec Ops: The Line

Needed to use my HMV card quickly, but the selection of games was dire (understandable, with what the chain is going through right now). I picked this game up after remembering a couple of you guys saying good things.

So far- I love it. Good, solid shooting and cover mechanics, I really like the (admittedly very limited) orders you can give your squad... And I was overjoyed with one moment so far. At one point, the player has to fight into a building, and Deep Purple's "Hush" is playing in the background. I'm a DP fan (snigger) anyway, but the strange contrast between the music, the setting, and what's happening works wonderfully.

Also started Vanquish on hard mode. Stuck on the argus core. This game is rock hard. Been put on the shelf whilst I play Spec Ops.

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