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Thumbs down Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 -ONLINE CHEATERS/GLITCHERS

A few of you sure did nail it in describing your experience with this shit sandwich, I got news for ya though..... it is NOT NINTENDO. How do I know this? Because EVERYTHING you all are describing also happens to us on the xbox 360 side. Not just more than 50% of the worlds top players are using this shit sandwich on us, but the #1 player in the world is the best at it! I for one refuse to spend my hard earned/slaved dollars upon so called, "Entertainment" to only find I am paying for grief, misery and for me to lose to spineless cheat whores. Such spineless dishonorable pukes should dare not to even associate themselves with my species, let alone chance to bump into me in play or life.

If what others are saying here about EA's stance on the subject of cheating is indeed true, then the EA has clearly taken the side of condoning cheating and hence the game maker is much more evil than its spineless cheating players.... and I will have no more to do with any of it. In fact, should this be the case then I would propose a mass gathering so to file a class action against the dev and all associated with making the game. I have logged my time spent on this GST2 whore-fest, and when you hear what my hourly rate is our CFO WILL NOT BE HAPPY. This is not a threat, rather a promise. I have helped snuff out corruption through multiple wars and conflicts as a US Soldier, and I will be god damned if I will allow a company, group or person to "knowingly" continue to charge me money and then serve me a shit sandwich, when all the while they knew it was a shit sandwich.

I buy and play games for entertainment, to "PLAY" the game. I do NOT buy games for you to "PLAY" games on me! It is HIGH TIME EA and its subsidiaries place their dicks on the table of accountability and get right. That or suffer mass losses from class action.

Contact me if you are tired of paying to be worked like this, caliwebmanATgmail
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