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Re: Anyone mess with blender?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Zippy, thanks so much for the thoughtful post! It's good stuff, thanks.

I've done a bit of modding myself from a code standpoint, and it's tough to get into it that way (even when you're a programmer as a job). I think modelling and suchlike is the way to go, as I'm trying to spark an interest and don't want to start out too heavy. However even that probably won't do it if you don't already have an interest.

I had thought of Minecraft modding, but I hate Minecraft myself and it will pain me to look into it. I was thinking of starting off spawning various mobs etc. It will take some doing though.

Thanks for the help - plenty of good reading there!
Mine craft might do I just didn't get into it due to being swamped with games to play.

Ah I think it is java based.

Fallout 3 has a basic editor their is no real coding involved just toggling tabs ,models and rigging.

If you guys get anywhere with coding let me know maybe I can get some help to get something to run LOL

Modeling can be a pain in the ass but there are tuts to make basic shapes and stuff from 2D pictures.

Be careful with Unreal games, he might get caught up in messing around with values rather than learning code...I know I did :P

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