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Re: Anyone mess with blender?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I haven't used Blender but I've done some mod work - left the items and textures to the skilled people!

Nice job by the way - how many polys? I expect that's not an issue in Fallout - if I had troops kitted out with these in Mount & Blade I expect the frame rate would hit 2fps

I may not actually know what I am talking about here btw. As I say, I leave the modelling work to the talented folks!
Polys? was that? LOL

I only have way get you have a certain max befor you start messing up the frame rate.

I know I am a hax and will always be a hax. But as I improve on sketching and Photoshopping I have built up enough confidence to try blender again. I just really want to half ass actualize the stuff in my head.
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