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Re: 2013

Mount & Blade 2 is out? I'll definitely try that, though Warband was pretty buggy on release. It will be interesting to see what they do with it after Chivalry and that other sword-fighting game this year (I haven't played either).

I'm not an early adopter of hardware so I probably won't bother with the PS4 for a while. If the used game limitations are true, then I may not bother at all (though I don't really play used games). I can't say I am excited about them - we are seeing the same shit games year after year, so no hardware is going to alleviate the curse of playing games designed for 15 year olds, I'm afraid.*

The Steambox is really fascinating to me, though I can't see it being useful to me in any way. It just seems to be a console for the PC crowd, which is ironic. I mean, the PC people know Steam exists, but does anyone else? What would make someone who was not already a PC gaming enthusiast adopt this? And what would make a PC gamer adopt it? I imagine you'd need a little dinner tray type object to put your mouse and keyboard on to play strategy games and MMOs.

*what I mean by that is that there are few AAA games that do anything interesting with the medium, and producing a game with a decent story or, often, gameplay, is already beyond a lot of them. New hardware isn't going to do anything for that failure of imagination.

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