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Re: 2013

My internet doesn't work at home atm and for some reason steam doesn't want to start in offline mode, which means I don't have access to my steam library. That makes it comparatively easy to go on with my attempt to play less games this year

3 of the games of 2012 I wanted to finish are on my steam-library, the fourth is an online-only mech-fps, hence my choice is oddly limited. Good news: I played my guitar yesterday, first time in over a year and it shows (or listens?).

But I had another good look at what might be coming out, and we might just see Mount & Blade 2 coming along, as well as tweedpunk-survival-horror title Sir, you are being hunted.

Ok, what about hardware? Anyone already counting the days when the next XBox and/or Playstations will finally be announced? Or are you excited about the suddenly arriving steam-boxes?
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