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Re: 2013

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
You should play the first..
Will possibly do. But the not yet released XCom.
I hope this has not been canceled. The concept did sound interesting and i liked the 60s style.

Also Prey 2 hopefully resurfaces this year.

Maybe as launch titles for the new consoles? XCom got much imo undeserved hate from a lot wannabe XCom experts, but Prey had a fair amount of hype going after the trailer was shown.

Those and Star Trek are games that are also on my radar this year.

Star Wars 1313 is also coming this year, isn't it? Being better than Force Unleashed shouldn't be hard, but SW would deserve at least every decade a really good game. Please!

@Dark Souls2
I wouldn't wonder if they would release it regularly. Every 2 years is not too close i guess. They have to earn some dinero once in a while when doing shit like Steel Battalion too.
Where are the mass effect lunatics when it comes to suing game developers for releasing real garbage? Although the fault rather lies in MS crippling Kinect to the toy it is instead of making it a little more expensive and much more what the tech actually could do.
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