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Re: Rate this 2nd opinion piece: Hitman Absolution

Good point, about the crowds- definitely something I overlooked.

Completely agree with your point about everything being improved that shouldn't really be relevant. Instead of the points-based score system, it would have been better if it rated one on their chosen playstyle. So if you do just go around shooting everyone, you get rated on accuracy, headshots, etc.

Another thing that really bothered me was how 47 can now conceal bigger weapons- in previous games, he'd have to carry a storage case for his sniper rifle (which would have to be assembled/ taken apart on use). Being able to carry around a shotgun without it being noticed really took something away from the game's signature charm, for me. Seemed like too small an issue to bring up here, but I'll see if I can add all this without convoluting stuff further.
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