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Re: 2013

I'll probably play fewer games in 2013. Not so much because there would be no good games coming or because 'videogamez are teh evil!!!111', but simply because I noticed that I spent not much time on my other hobbies in 2012. It's been almost a year since I last picked up my guitar for example.

Backlog of 2012, games I'd like to start or play more/finish:
Mark of the Ninja
Lone Survivor
Endless Space

Games of 2012 I was planning on playing at some point 2013:
Far Cry 3 (and if it's just to see what all the fuzz is about)
Crusader Kings 2

Games of 2012 I'm most interested in at the moment:
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Bioshock: Infinite
Tomb Raider

@Pedro: where did you read Dark Souls 2 would come out 2013?
Currently playing: Dark Souls 3
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