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Re: 2013

Thanks to PS+ and Steam sales my backlog will most likely get longer, but i will try to oppress my desire to explore a game thoroughly, spent less time trying to complete achievements/trophies if it feels more like work than a fulfilling challenge.

Last of Us, Beyond, Rain, Crysis3, Project Cars, Remember Me, Metro Last Light and Soul Sacrifice are games i'm looking forward to.
Fez hopefully gets a PC Port and i probably will get Mark of the Ninja, Deadlight, Catherine and Azuras Wrath.
Not sure about Spec Ops, Journey or Walking Dead. Certainly will ignore XCom, FTL and Far Cry3.

But most of all i think it will be the year for new next gen.
MS has given up maybe before their Kinect-launch to add interesting new games to the market so they have to have an impressive launch line up ready. Or again rely on indie games and shooter sequels...
Sony is working hard on pleasing people with PS+ and although i don't think they really need to launch their next console this year, i doubt they want to be again a year behind and loose (in America) because "all my friends p(l)ay on live".
Finally the Steambox might surprise all the current players.
I am pretty sure they can do everything MS can in terms of service and predictable will not charge fees for allowing twitter or netflix or multiplayer.

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