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Re: Rate this 2nd opinion piece: Hitman Absolution

I was stunned when I highlighted the score at the bottom, the review doesn't read like that at all!


I think you have the bones of an excellent review here. I have no issue with the content - the score was a surprise after so much positivity in the review, so maybe you needed to come down harder on the bad parts. This is probably just me though, no action needed unless others agree.

Liked the history lesson and the tying back of the previous episodes to this one - very well done.

Where I feel you fall down is in the sentence structure can be a bit cumbersome and your tenses sometimes confuse. Not sure I can describe it but I'll try.

This para:

There are countless other annoyances that either make the gameplay less enjoyable, or the game as a whole generally less endearing. Conveniently placed storage crates to hide bodies being in abundance throughout, whether it makes contextual sense or not. How one can cause absolute carnage in one section of a level, but the guards in the next area not changing according to this. The levels being split up into sections *at all*. But there is still plenty to enjoy- gunplay is now fluid and satisfying, and the new cover system makes combat all the more enjoyable. Movement no longer feels wooden, and itís an undeniable improvement. Shootouts are exhilarating- one memorable moment occurred during in the orphanage level. In the middle of a shootout, injured, I moved from one room to another, and hid behind a counter. The bad guys attempting to kill me moved through the room I was in, into the room they thought I was in. Hitman Absolution isnít intended to be a straight shooter (the gameís scoring system testifies this), but I found that playing it as such gave me the most joy.
The first section reads like a list but isn't punctuated like a list and could be improved with small changes:

Conveniently placed storage crates to hide bodies are in abundance throughout, whether it makes contextual sense or not. One can cause absolute carnage in one section of a level, with the guards in the next area unaware of ones actions. The levels are redundantly split up into smaller sections. [or whatever your beef with this is]
The rest of that para is excellent and scans a lot better.

This may seem like major nitpicking, and it is - as I say, you are 90% of the way there, you just need to read it back (again, I know) and see what looks a little rough. There's not much wrong with it - I mean, that was the absolute worst para that I picked out

Also - I do not think linearity is a theme - you could say "One thing Absolution does have, however, is linearity" without losing anything. As I say, nitpicking.

Full marks for content - it's a really good critique of the game. With a little polish it is publishable.
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