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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Since xmas offered some time to play, some corrections and extensions to my last post:

Blistering Thumbs Comeback Award:
Mortal Kombat (Vita)
The first beat em up i played since the original MK, SFII and KI on the SNES. I never was good in that genre and it hardly evolved but it must have done something right and differently since no other game of that genre was able to hook me so long before.

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty:
Mortal Kombat
-Vita Features
shake or balancing the device while playing.... or constantly wiping blood off the screen or tapping the enemy to stun him... Goro and Sheeva might have four hands. However in the real world the average player has two.
(annoying only in challenge mode... the "normal" modes are not bothered with too much Vitaness)
-random / luck based difficulty
Visible since i sometimes win before impossible appearing challenges with a lot of health remaining while not really changing my play style. I just spam randomly the moves i know and hope to win. Always. Story Mode and Arcade Mode, ok, let everyone win the core of the game but honestly that play style should never succeed in harder challenges. At least not in that manner.
- beginner level is imo way beyond what beginner is supposed to be.
/rant/Since Demons Souls i am sure many experienced gamers and critics have no clue what difficulty levels are for.
Let the damn individual choose the level of challenge, don't force a stiff vision on the player. Going further, i wonder when devs will include difficulty levels for disabled gamers. MK with heavy use of QTE or STE (s for slow...) would be possible for example./rant/
Runner Up: Double Dragon Neon

Best Soundtrack: Double Dragon Neon (<-- listen to it and or buy it <--)
Possibly the main reason (aside the overall sense of style) why i played the game since i'm not really much of a fan of that genre and would have quited soon after realizing that it is not much different than games i already did not like much in the 80s.
Runner Up: Alan Wake
the fading out of each chapter with some great songs was probably the only thing done perfectly right by the game

Due to aforementioned personal winner i have to change
Best individual moment: Double Dragon Neons ending
youtube link
The non interactive parts were just better than game content this year.

I'll rename my Go fuck yourself Award for blatantly stupid trophies into a more handy i have no live award:
Mortal Kombat
It's asking the player to execute some fatalities, to win 100 times, probably already boring but doable so far, and finally spent 24 hours with each (!) of the 32 playable characters.
Played as a 9 to 5 job it will take a mere 3 months to finish. So even a dedicated gamer just needs an entire year of a daily 2 hour dosage of MK.
Congrats. So much bang for the buck....
I have to wonder how many gamers accomplish that in a legit fashion, really play that long and on the other side how many hours Playstations all over the world will run in "auto-mode" without players in front of them just to accumulate play time and wasting energy because some developers are not creative enough to create interesting challenges. Especially weird and unnecessary since the game actually has already a ton of challenges. To get My Kung Fu is strong it would have been much more appropriate to ask to perform every move the character can do. Including those 10+hit-combos i have no idea how they can be done by human beings. Prove to be master of the move set and not master of wasting time...

Correction on DLC part:
I bought Road of Devastation for Dead Nation
neither worthy best or worst DLC, just a mediocre extension for little (still a bit too much) money

Worst PS+ Cloud Save implementation:
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Allows only one download a day. For what reason limit that?
Nevertheless done it, started the game and it wants to create a new save file. What? Begin new for no reason. Ok, do it if you must. I'll overwrite it immediately afterwards with the correct savefile. Oh, wait...
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