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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

I know this doesn't really matter much, but I'd like to change my number 5 pick from Hero Academy to Natural Selection 2.

I chose Hero Academy as my number 5 based entirely on hours played, and because I didn't have anything better at the time. It's a fine game and I had fun with it, but it never achieved that "I can't stop thinking about it" quality that I associate with great games. In hindsight, I should never have included a game I felt was merely a pleasant distraction on any sort of GOTY list.

Natural Selection 2 though. That game is legitimately great. Its learning curve is steeper than any game I've ever played, and the fun you can have with it is entirely dependent on having a good team and a great commander. But when things come together, its brilliant. And I can't stop thinking about it.

Also, its basically First Person Shooter StarCraft.
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