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Chair warz.

Uhg chairs hate me and I hate them...that and I don't have 200 to put down on something worth while.

Anyway here is my problem , this is my chair, and yes I here you snickering....

Its ok but for the fact it leans back no matter what I do a few inches, I have the tension set high on tilt and do not really use tilt mode.

I need to tilt this thing a few inches forward , that of course is not going to happen as the column the seat is on dose not turn thus I can not rig a 500LB L bracket to it.

So I thought up this, get this

Back it up with 3 ply plywood then extend my home made head rest for max comfort. Its that or back it up with a an adjustable beach chair.....

The reason I am posting is , is there a product pre made like the thing I am trying to create?

As always guys thanks for any help
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