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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Nice list, Abfackeln, and I see that it includes 5 games that nobody else voted for...again! Remember on last year's podcast, Tim said the listener vote was massively fragmented - he must have got something like our list here where only two games got more than one vote.

Re: the Walking Dead - I am actually thinking of voting it my Worst Game at the moment, apart from the fact that it will make me look like a contrarian lunatic on the show. It's probably between that and Thirty Flights of Loving, though I should probably replay the latter just to make sure. After all it is only 15 minutes long so it shouldn't be too onerous.

Re: FTL - I just don't think the resident PC Gamer is playing many games outside of TF2 and is probably just now scrambling to keep up; his contribution to the site this year has taken other forms, and I'm thankful for that.

Okay, my favourite and best game of the year, the second sports title to join the list along with Abfackeln's Fifa Street (good to see sports represented), is........Madden 13!

No it is not, just joking.

My absolute top game of the year, one that I cannot conceive being bettered, is Out of the Park 13.

I won't be able to persuade anyone of the merits of this game, so I will leave it at this: I played 187 hours of this game this year, and I swear it felt like 8 hours. Nothing gripped me like it, and many evenings were spent drinking beer and shouting at my little men on the diamond.

Latest List - there is still time to vote!

XCOM is leading the pack with 13 pts.

5 pts
Sleeping Dogs
Tribes: Ascend
Spec Ops: the Line
Uncharted Golden Abyss

4 pts
Papo and Yo
Assassin's Creed 3
Mass Effect 3
Devil Survivor 2
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

3 pts
Dragon's Dogma
I am Alive
Forza Horizon

2 pts
Guild Wars 2
Endless Space
Cut the Rope Experiments (Free)
FIFA Street

1pt or less
Legend of Grimrock 1 pt
Natural Selection 2 1 pt
Ceramic Destroyer 1 pt
Borderlands 2
Waves 0.5 pts

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