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Cool Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

iv played soulstorm for years always teaming up with a friend on LAN and we start each game as a random team, ill share my tactics

right, thier big, their hard, and there awesome. as far as basic troop they own most things heres what i do. to start i build 2 scouts and an extra servitor, servitor starts on the barracks, scouts (using the shift button to stack orders) i send them to all the nearest defendable strategic points. by the time you have built your barracks you should have around 800 resources--- buy 4 squads of space marines. as they are building and when your up to 90 requisition use both servitors to start on listening posts. as each marine squad is made increase their squad by 1 or 2 depending on resources. once you have 3 squads you have enough to overthrow the nearest base with the 4th squad coming in as reserve. you can overpower the usual commander and 2 or 3 squads that the enemy has built by now but eventualy they wont have any units and you can murder them effortlessly as they spawn whilst whittling down thier buildings. during this your resources would have built up and you can start building properly either forcus on your armoury and get your boys heavy bolters and just keep up the wave, usually once you have defeated the 1st enemy all enemies have thier armies away trying to do the same, as long as your base isnt under attack you can get a decent foothold on the next base before thier army can return, by now heavy bolters are in play and its gonna be easy. from there its up to you what you do but i leave this tip: have 'pure' squad e.g 2 squads with all 4 upgrades as rocket launchers and assign them a squad number for ease of targeting vehicles. ( do this by selecting squads and pressing ctrl+ any number once you press the number on its own you will auto select all the squads you want.)

art of defense lies in the ability to have an unlimted amount of waaarg! banners. once upgrades they buy you time and deal alotta damage. but cant be relied on alone near the end of the game when your enemy is at full strength and comes at you like water from a firemans hose. flashgitz are amazing, anywhere they hold normaly gets held for a long time, not front line boys through these are best left behind other squads they have the range to reap the death toll and the power. base taking is easy enough, loads 2 squads of nobs, 2 squads of infiltrated tank bustas and the odd shooter squad or falsh gitz in the squiggoth and thier transport vehicles, set to run (not attack) into the enemy bases centre, behind the majority of their defenses and deploy, select your tank bustas to target main buildings that will harm your assault like turrets, vehicles producing buildings and stuff you should be able to carve yourself a nice tasty chunk of their base before thier army returns at which point use your transport vehicles and squiggoths as bullet magnets whilst your nobs charge in and your gunners do what they do best. if all goes well, their armies will be destroyed, thier base production limited and thier strategy crippled at a cost to your assault force but you'll still have them pinned.

so many ways i wont name them all but i'll tell you my favourite, its called the zerker rush. this works again hard enemies in campaign and in custom games too, what you do is, 1 squad of cultists to shift/stack capture EVERYTHING tell them to do everything you can be bothered to tell them to, whilst your doing this build a barracks and with a 2nd worker, a power plant. once you have both of these you should have the resources to upgrade main base, (i know what your thinking, your undefended at this point but no1 can get an adequate enough force together in the time im talking about: roughly 1 minute and a half at this point) whilst your main base is upgrading and bearing in mind to keep about 400 req spare, you can now built a turret for piece of mind or listening posts to aid cash. once its upgraded, build the sacraficial circle with both workers and as soon as its built you zerkers can be produced, 2 squads should do it for the charge, dont bother reinforcing them yet it and unesessary drain on resources, go for about 3 squads THEN do the auto reinforce as they charge towards the enemy base. they will shred anything they find, try to avoid going for building if you dont have to until all enemy units are dead then put 1 squad on whatever listening post or turret might be bothering you and the others near a production building but not assigned to it so if anything pops out they will deal with them. you can also build a turret or 2 in thier base whilst you getting to grips with them, i doubt they'll notice. once their all done bring them back to your main base to defend whilst you build your army the way you want. also zerkers arnt only hardy and strong they are fearless which pretty much assures them victory.

ill keep this short, nothin but 2 fire prisms, 2 wraithlords, 9 squads of dark reapers and 3 bright lance platforms. bright lance platforms lower the defense of anything they come across the result being that once hit, an enemy vehicle will receive more damage from a squad of anti-infantry dark reapers than it would from firedragons without bright lance hits. plus because they are anti infantry they can deal with anything only tip is to have a seer council on ranged stance incase your fighting heavy enemies that will drag them down quickly leaving you blind to infiltrated units and also when commanding a charge from a distance remember that the bright lance platforms move alot quicker than the reapers and if they get thier 1st your advantage will go up in flames with them.

TAU TAU TAU i dont think the creator have realised the computer-safe flaw in this team. if you gave a base with a bottle neck, or you know which way your enemy will come use this tactic and you will not lose. get yourself some fire warriors, chosen warriors from the etherial and 1 broadside accompanied by 2 pathfinder and 2 hammerheads, put all on stand ground stance so they wont move, then get 2 drone harbingers, set thier rally points to about half a screen in the direction that the enemy will attack from. then when the horde arrives use the right click auto recruit on thier drones, you can have a max of these so dont place too close where they will be unharmed or make them travel too far once you hit your max your drones will stop along with the auto recruit. the result is this;
the enemy attacks in force, the drones try to march right through thier ranks shooting as they do it but the enemy computer uses a 'attack move' to take your base meaning that when they come across the 1st drone they will stop to kill it, halting thier advance tempererily but seeing as 1 drone is followed by another, then another as the drones march continually to thier deaths the enemy's assault is completely halted. at this point the tau's superior range comes into play as you defensive line opens up on the enemy who are too distracted by the stream of drones moving through thier ranks, you can now start a fire an manouver style advance to push them back but i prefere just to leave them be, to run into the grinder. now at the same time build yourself fully upgraded stealth suits. these little fellas have weapon upgrades that do horrid, horrid things to vehicles and buildings, if you jump them into thier base in force, take out turrets that reveal you, you will wipe out thier base like it was made of card.

if you read all this your eyes must be hurting but these are tactics that work for me every time. few more notes if you want them on the other teams.

imperial guard - plasma guns. all the way and use your commissars.

dark eldar - either push straight for scourges ( anti infantry, anti vehicle, anti fair) they are fragile but if you use a fall back method thier long range does the job. (i.e. one front line squads jumps to the rear of the group, and that keeps going until the enemies been slaughtered.

necrons - flayed ones nuff said - deep striking, fear inducing, fearless squads that can jump out of danger and back to thier monolith to strike again.

sisters - micromanagement required, hotkey your anti vehicle teams so you can deliberatly target vehicles and leave the other ladys to shoot whatever they want.

cheers for reading
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