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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Game of the Year: Tribes Ascend
I had so much fun with this game. It's a team based multiplayer shooter, but the mechanics are so different (to a first time Tribes player) that it almost feels like a new genre altogether.

Best Individual Moment: Mass Effect 3
I almost chose this as my Game of the Year based solely on how perfectly Mordin's mission played out in my particular playthrough of the game. I made dozens of choices over the course of the entire series that all helped shape this scene, and it still played out perfectly. It was a surprising highpoint in a series that already had the strongest storytelling and characters I've ever seen in a game.

Most Fun to Talk about: XCom: Enemy Unknown
Everyone has their own stories to tell about the desperate situations they got into and the important decisions and sacrifices they had to make as a result. It's also refreshing to have a game difficult enough to actually warrant bragging about.

Most Time Spent on Character Creation: Guild Wars 2
I still don't know if I actually like Guild Wars 2, or MMOs in general (guild wars 2 is my first). So far I think the game itself is a bit of a mess. But I love my characters. I've created five so far, one from each race, and I return to the game every couple of weeks solely because I miss them.

I don't even play the game, really. The game's been out for months, and my highest character is at level 17. I just like running around and posing in front of cool scenery in various outfits. Honestly, I might as well be playing with dolls.

Most Time Spent: Skyrim
I haven't even gotten to any of the DLC yet either. There's a decent chance this could be my most played game next year too.

It you're looking for a top 5 list for ranking purposes, I'd go:

1. Tribes: Ascend
2. Mass Effect 3
3. XCom: Enemy Unknown
4. Guild Wars 2
5. Hero Academy

I guess. I play more games than anyone I know, and I still don't play enough to actually make a top 5 list each year, especially if you want to limit it to games released that year. There's always more on the "top" list than off of it.
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