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Re: Dark Souls 2

Wtf is the little horse and cart thing? I guess it'd have to be a fairly wide open area for her to do you any damage. Anyway, if someone had shown me artwork of that monster from Demon's with the bird on its head, I wouldn't have come within a mile of that game.

Very worrying news though, putting two guys as director probably does signify the end of a strong coherent vision:

Guy 1: "I see a pit, and in the pit there's this fat hairy guy. And wait, he's got a BIRD on his head!"

Guy 2: "Eeehhhhh...."

Denser areas? I have no clue how they will achieve that. So help me god, if they turn it into Dragon Age, I will fly to Japan and commit seppuku in From Software's lobby. *

* I won't.

Czkatwork! I thought you had given up games or something! I hope all is well with you? What are your games of the year?
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