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Re: Dark Souls 2

I try to be positive about it, but with each piece of information it's getting more difficult. With Miyazaki gone the Souls games will not be the same anymore, that's for sure. I'm not sure if it's a mistranslation, but the dude in the trailer is referred to as "main hero" and the mo-cap actress playing the woman in the trailer claimed she's playing the "hero's love interest". If that's true, this would mean goodbye to creating your own character and choosing your own path towards the ancient land of the lords.

Another worrying thing is that player options should be "more limited" "at the beginning", which could just mean a better tutorial, but also mean a more linear (scripted?) experience (i.e. corridor-level-design). The world should be as large as in Dark Souls but "more dense". I never thought of Dark Souls being too empty, there is something trying to kill you at every step of the way. I always found it one of the great things about the Souls-games that they don't limit which direction the player wants to go. Would be sad to see this freedom gone.

Apparently they hired a lot of extra staff to work on Dark Souls 2 and their intent is clear: increasing the market share by making things simpler and easier to understand. I'm no enemy to simplification, but as mentioned by ckzatwork already, Dragon Age 2 has shown how the attempt to appeal to a larger audience by simplification can alienate the core fanbase that made the series a hit to begin with. Would hate to see that happen with the Souls-games. I'm just amazed by how little studios learn from the mistakes of each other.

On Neogaf there is a list of some things mentioned in the (already infamous) Edge Interview (heralding the end of the souls series):

I'm waiting for the issue to be published online on the 20th to read for myself. Some artwork:

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