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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

We need more votes! Where are Kin Korn Karn, gamevet, Zippy DSMLee? The big hitters?

The fourth best game of the year for me, is......

Endless Space!

As Rob mentions above, it is hard to argue with a game that holds your attention for 4 hours and has you looking at the clock at 3am on a work night thinking, just a couple more turns. That game for me was Endless Space - proof that a good UI can immeasurably improve a game. Of course it also helped that the mechanics were accessible rather than obscure, and jumping right in was interesting and intuitive. The humour was good, the colour text was cool, and the bonuses were interesting. The game was rather let down in a couple of areas which I think are pretty much endemic to 4xes anyway - lack of variation once you discover the 'ideal' tech tree path, and fairly samey gameplay for all the races. But I didn't hit this point until the 36 hour mark, so I am very happy with my #4 pick.

Running Total:

XCOM 10 pts
Spec Ops: the Line 4 pts
Dragon's Dogma 3 pts
FTL 2 pts
Endless Space 2 pts
Legend of Grimrock 1 pt
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