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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

I'm not going to stop it. My Top 5:

5. Legend of Grimrock
The world in cubes.
4. FTL
Firefly the roguelike!
3. Dragon's Dogma
They mostly come at night, mostly...
2. XCom Enemy Unknown
I spent almost as much time with it this year as with Dark Souls. Almost.
1. and by that my Game of the Year: Spec Ops - the Line
Yes, I'm at least as surprised as you might be. The deconstruction of the modern military shooter, showing everyone how silly this genre actually is.

Game of the Century:
Dark Souls

Now, my annual categories:

Most time spent at character creation: Dragon's Dogma
Seriously: this is the new standard for character creation other games should live up to.

Best story: Spec Ops: the Line
Runner up: Mass Effect 3, Binary Domain

Most disappointing story: Hitman Absolution
From globetrotting contract killer to a Quentin Tarantino-ripoff without any traces of wit.
Runner up: Dishonored

Best ending: Spec Ops: the Line
"What the...? Wait... woah..."

Worst ending: FTL
Quite a letdown after the excellent gameplay until that point.

Most aggravating bossfights: Hotline Miami

Most disappointing bossfight: FTL
Runner up: Diablo 3

Best bossfights: Dark Souls - Artorias of the Abyss DLC
Fighting Kalameet is hands down the most fun I ever had with a boss in a videogame.
Runner up: Dragon's Dogma

Best multiplayer, co-op: Mass Effect 3
Runner up: Diablo 3

Best multiplayer, competitive: Hitman Absolution
For all it's faults the game has, the Contracts mode of Hitman is actually quite fun.

Least playable due to technical issues: The Walking Dead
Could only get it to run with some obtuse tinkering and then I had corrupted savegames not once but already twice. I really don't feel like playing through Episode 1 for the third time. Neither story nor gameplay are good enough for that.

Worst DLC: Hitman Absolution
Deus Ex Human Revolution Skin for Contracts mode. Even beats the overpriced XCom soldier customization DLC.

Best DLC: Dark Souls - Artorias of the Abyss
If Pedro wouldn't roll his eyes in knowing complacency, I'd put this DLC in my top 5 games this year, right between... no, above...
Runner up: Mass Effect 3

Most annoying DRM: Games for Windows Live
Seriously, Microsoft: fix that mess. How hard can it be? You're a software company, right? RIGHT?!?

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to hate but which I enjoyed quite a lot: F1 2012

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to love but which I didn't get along with: Dishonored

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty: Hotline Miami
Those "bossfights"...

Least interactive game: Journey
Nice movie though. Beat the Walking Dead by a hair's width.

Medal of Honor-Award for most awesome beards: Dragon's Dogma
Tier 1 would be proud!

Biggest disappointment: Hitman Absolution
Runner up: Dishonored

(presumably) First game of 2012 I'll buy in 2013: Far Cry 3
Currently playing: Dark Souls 3
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