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Re: Dark Souls 2

try again

Interesting video - I like the citadel on the mountain top; I hope the game is set there. I like the rope bridge, it reminds me of the Painted World.

The guys with the enamel/porcelain masks - there were guys like these in the Malazan books, and they were badass motherfuckers. However, the hero is fighting them while stuck with arrows - maybe they are a mob like the poison dart guys in Blighttown.

What's with the girl and the feather? Maybe she's telling you to go fight a big Owl-y bastard.

Interesting that the director doesn't seem to have done much since 2007. The game is bound to suffer from the removal of Hidetaka. However, I am still amazed that they were able to follow up Demons with such a strong game - what are the chances they can do it three times in a row? I think we are blessed to get two games, so I'm happy that they just give it their best shot.

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