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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
The most elaborate thing I had was a quest where a village girl eloped with a neighbouring boy, and there was a small moral dimension where you could take her back and ruin her dreams, or leave her there and have the village elder lecture you about rural depopulation and not being able to survive if all their daughters could run off to some far away village etc. Exciting, huh? One of the outcomes resulted in you massacring the entire wedding party, which was just completely out of character if you were playing a good guy.
That already sounds awesome! Just wish there were some more diverse missions in M&B. I was just today discussing with my cousin that the main reason we have so much violence in video games seems to be that a system based on violence apparently is much easier to code than one on social interaction

My flight go cancelled today due to snowstorm, going to fly (hopefully) hopefully. But that left me with some time at home to try Mark of the Ninja and so far it's really, REALLY seriously good.
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