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Re: Rate this revew: Mirror's Edge

Hmm. See, I just wrote this as an honest take, a review and nothing else. When I write reviews I like to pretend as if the games were just released, because otherwise my opinions wouldn't be very genuine. You'd be responding to other critics instead of the game itself, which always comes off as a bit lame and a little pompous.

There are a lot of arguments already made about Mirror's Edge, true, and so I accept the disadvantage of not having many new readers to garner feedback from. But regardless, I have to block out any of that earlier influence and just focus on how I'd review this game as it stands on its own. If I had the money I'd review new releases regularly, but for now all I can do is practice writing appropriately with older titles.

But yeah, the timing of this review is off, so I can see why it would be confusing to read about a game like this when everything there is to say has already been said.

Also, thanks, it would be cool to get user reviews published here, from anyone really. I've only had community spotlights for a few articles on other sites, and a chicago magazine bought my Journey review earlier this summer, but so far that's all I got under my belt!

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