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Re: Rate this revew: Mirror's Edge

Really well written review. I like it, but there are a couple of areas where it could be improved (imo).

It's pretty long! This is your choice of course.

I think the main thing I could say about it is that for a game where the mechanics are the most notable thing about it, your review just lacks a clear outline of those mechanics. I see what you were getting at - and your style for this review is more in the descriptive vein than the prosaic - but for me I think you need a paragraph about the mechanics in there which is expressed slightly more clearly than it is.

For example look at this review (NB I haven't really read this review, so I'm not saying whether it is any good or not, it's just an example of what I mean to say):

Like you, he starts off by getting into the fiction of the sparkly dystopian future, but in paragraph 3 he gets straight to an unfussy description of the mechanics. I know your review references the red handholds etc, but I feel that something plainer like this would benefit the review early on, maybe after para 3?

It's going to be a challenge to go from your style into something like that though, and I suppose that is something you have already thought of - how to impart dull info like that while keeping your tone. I can't help thinking that this style is too elaborate/flowery for the mundane task of writing reviews!

Very pleasant reading though. Would be interesting to hear what someone who hasn't played ME thinks of it.
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