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Re: What are you playing right now?

I'm curious how you'll like Absolution as a fan of the series. I only played a bit of Blood Money, which was great but a bit too clumsy for my taste (47 felt as graceful as a combine harvester). I'm still torn regarding Absolution, there were parts I absolutely loved but also enough parts that were pretty bad.

Continued my adventures in Skyrim. So far I always thought being parts of the Stormcloaks was the 'normal' way to play the game, but now I'm not sure anymore. More than 20 hours in I haven't picked sides yet and am more inclined to help the Empire to weed out those rebels. The Stormcloaks just strike me as a bunch of racist, bigoted lunatics who want to get rid of everything living in Skyrim that doesn't look like a Nord. For all it's faults I find the Empire more appealing, which strikes me as being a bit like the Roman Empire, but minus slavery and being forward-thinking rather than the backwards-mentality of the Stormcloaks.

I still rely on archery, mainly because I can't take the melee system serious after playing the Souls games. Destruction magic is out of the question because it doesn't go well with sneaking in the shadows. Too much fireworks going on.

It occurs to me how few RPG have non-combat skills. Even the "non-combat" skills in Skyrim are just there to improve the battle prowess of the character by being able to use better weapons and armor. I can buy houses and stuff but can't do all that much with them apart from storing my weapons, armor and other stuff that directly or indirectly helps in combat. Mount & Blade offers just so much more in terms of freedom, allowing to play as a merchant or brewer as well as a soldier or knight. If only the quests in M&B weren't so generic...
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