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Re: What are you playing right now?

Far Cry 3 looks quite promising, but giving the problems the uplay-system caused again on PC, I'll wait a bit before buying it.

Currently I'm playing Skyrim, which according to many is better than sliced bread. I never considered sliced bread all that great, I like knives and to cut stuff myself, hence I was of course sceptical about Skyrim. Especially after my Oblivion-debacle.

12 hours in and I'm still undecided about what to make of it. I'm still trying to play a bard (and got a mod that allows playing instruments). The premise of elder scrolls games holds true: you can play what you want, as long as you play a sociopathic mass murderer with kleptomanic tendencies (and former convict).

The levelling system is still unintuitive and doesn't get explained at all. Enemies in the wilderness still level along with the player, which again leads to stupid situations when the player makes the 'mistake' of levelling 'too fast'. The UI and specifically the inventory is simply appaling on PC. After 2 hours of playing I spent an hour searching for and installing UI-mods, otherwise I'd have stopped right there.

NPC look a bit more like people and a bit less like puppets and the strange speechcraft-minigame was gotten rid of. That means that interaction with NPC is now fairly limited and spending all that much time in cities tends to get boring.

I killed my first dragon with my bard/archer and did some quests for random people. Now I'm in Solitude doing quests for the bard's college but haven't learned to learn an instrument yet. Hmmm...
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