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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Endless Space
Looked like a new generation Master of Orion 2 with a really slick user interface. The user interface is indeed astounding, I always had the feeling I see everything I need to know or do within just one or two clicks. Unfortunately it was too simplified in some respects (battles) and too unneccesarily comples in others (tech tree is mental) that it never quite reached it's full potential. Still a good game though.
This is rapidly climbing into contention for me - I've been playing it all weekend. Not that I have finished a game or anything, I have been restarting at various points when I learn something new.

The interface is great - it's very clean and simple in the information it presents, but you can click on virtually every piece of information on screen and you're taken to the data you need (without endless nesting).

The tech tree is cool, and so massive that you really have to ponder your choices, but it doesn't always tell you what it actually unlocks so you have to use a wiki too. I've only played as human so far, and judging by the end reports, I'm getting battered by the AI on normal (I haven't forced a conflict yet).

The combat is a bit rubbish all right; I don't really understand it (or else I need to unlock more cards) so I just Auto it based on the brute strength score of the fleets. It's not a major sticking point for me, in fact if Autoresolve isn't broken I might actually prefer it in this case.
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